Questions? We’re sure you will have some.

On this page you’ll find some of the most common questions we find people ask us about our Refractory Division and products. If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for please call us directly and speak with one of our helpful sales staff.

What materials are used in anchor manufacturing?

Material usage is dependent upon the application however Antec can manufacture a range of materials to suit including:

  • 410
  • 304
  • 316
  • 321
  • 800
  • 253MA
  • 310
  • 310S
  • 330
  • Alloy DS
  • 601
What are typical anchor patterns?

Please refer to our product brochure.

How are anchors manufactured?

Traditionally anchors are made using mechanical presses, robotic welders and CNC Machining and thread rolling.

What are the different types of anchors available?

Antec can customise any anchor shape however traditionally anchors are available as:

  • V Type
  • Y Type
  • Flexible anchoring systems
  • Anchors for multi layer linings
  • Stud welded anchors
What services does Antec offer?

Antec offers a full service of:

  • Project management
  • Anchor design service
  • Standard and custom anchors
  • Variety of material options including stainless steel, nickel alloy, mild steel
  • CAD drawings
  • Material test certificates and material traceability
  • Plastic capping and dipping
  • Test procedures