Melt extract Stainless Steel refractory Fibres reinforce monolithic refractory against thermal and mechanical shock by reducing cracking and spalling susceptibility.

Fibrex HT performs best in refractory operating in the following conditions:

  • Thermal cycling to 1600œ˚C
  • Continuous soaking to 1200˚C
  • Moderate-High mechanical shock
  • Oxidising, Sulphur, Reducing, Hydrogen Atmospheres
  • Dependant on the insulation properties of the refractory

Fibrex HT Plus can be used in refractory operating conditions of:

  • Moderate thermal cycling
  • Continuous fibre soaking temperature up to 1100˚C
  • Moderate mechanical shock
  • High temperature corrosive atmospheres (sulphidation, chlorination etc)


We offer a selection of material grades – 304, 310, 446 in lengths from 12mm, 19mm and 25mm.

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