Dominion Industry has a long and successful relationship with the Antec group in various fields ranging from refractory anchor supply/design, gunite machines, equipment spares/servicing and technical support.

The Antec group has been a major benefit in the success of our business to date and through key personnel in both companies we have been able to deliver the highest possible quality products and installation for our end clients.

We thank Antec for their ongoing commitment and look forward to extending our relationship long into the future.

Michael Fletcher

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Antec for 25 years of exemplary service, 1993 to 2018, I have issued you and your team many challengers throughout this time and on each occasion Antec has delivered!

Antec has supplied Refractory Anchors, Mesh, SS Fibres and Guniting equipment to me as Manager of Crow Industries, Andreco Hurll, and Veolia for 25 years, delivering first class customer service a  quality product on time and the best price.

It is refreshing to have a supplier that will deliver on time every time, no excuses, no fuss, that’s what you get every time!

Jeff Knowles